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Feb 2016

Kolkata, Calcutta and Kalkatta: The Many Faces of Our City

Kolkata. A city which has fascinated authors, poets and ordinary people at all times. A city, which exudes warmth and entangles you in a bond you cannot ever forget. In the sixth session of the day, we have three prominent personalities from varied field of interests talking about the one common aspect that binds them […]

Feb 2016

How to Spin a Yarn in Today’s India

Hoots of appreciation echo from the buzzing crowd as Durjoy Datta, Sumrit Shahi, Novoneel Chakraborty and Preeti Shenoy take the stage. Four of India’s most successful young authors settle down to discuss the challenges of storytelling in today’s India. Moderator Amrita Mukherjee opens the discussion by asking the writers about their most moving fan experiences. While Preeti […]

Feb 2016

How Tolerant Is Modern India?

That is the question in the air at the inaugural session of the Kolkata Literature Fest 2016. The speakers include Ashok Vajpeyi, the noted poet and cultural commentator, and political scientist Tridip Suhrud with his vast store of knowledge on Gandhian ideologies. Famed Bengali writer Sanjib Chattapadhyay weighs in with his expertise as well. Kavita […]

Rushati Mukherjee Blogger
Jan 2016

6 Novels starring Kolkata – you should read right away!

      Kolkata has always been the bibliophile of Indian cities. The book-loving metropolis has not only embraced literature as an essential part of its identity, but has also been embraced by numerous authors from all over the world as Muse and backdrop. Here are 5 novels written by authors from around the globe that […]