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The Guild also helps organising book fairs in West Bengal as well as in other parts of the country. Important among them are

  • Nababarsha Boi Utsab on the occasion of Bengali New Year

  • Sharad Boi Parban and Book Bazar, organized before the Durga Puja to enable booklovers collect old and rare books at a nominal price.

  • ‘Tomar Aamar Boimela’ organized randomly at Housing Complexes having about 400 residents, over weekends.

  • Naihati Book Fair and Baranagar Book Fair is organised with the support of the Guild

  • Grame Grame Boimela, organising fairs at school complexes in rural areas of different districts of West Bengal.

  • In the recent past Guild extended its support to organise Barak Book Fair, Bangur Book Fair, Dhanbad Book Fair and others

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